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Kutani Ware

九谷焼 抹茶碗 金花詰 Hanazume Kutani Matcha Bowl

九谷焼 抹茶碗 金花詰 Hanazume Kutani Matcha Bowl

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The matcha bowl features Hanazume, one of the most notable design of Kutani ware lasting since the Taisho period (1912–26).

The bowl's surface is filled with a variety of flowers outlined in gold.

The dimple in the body of the bowl is made to fit your fingers comfortably, and the thin rim makes it easy for you to drink matcha green tea.

The distinctive elegance and class of Kutani ware will liven up the tea ceremony and will be a perfect gift for a special occasion.

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  • Dimension: D12cm(4.7in) H7.7cm(3.4in)
  • Capacity: 370ml(12.5oz)
  • Material: Porcelain - Kutani ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan

九谷焼 抹茶碗 金花詰

寸法:径:12cm × 高さ:8cm

日本定価 8,800円





Hanazume Style

Hanazume is a traditional technique of Kutani Ware. This style was introduced in 1913 by Shiro Mizuta, a skillful craftsman in Kanazawa. A flower decoration covers the entire surface, and outlines are painted in gold. This style is representative of gorgeous Kutani-ware.

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