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Enjoy sustainable premium green tea from natural farming.

Bamboo Whisk - Takayama Chasen

See the work

Flower Incense l お花の印香

Seasonal flower incense to enjoy once a month.


Matcha Tea Bowl l 美濃焼 抹茶碗

Mino ware, which is a typical Japanese pottery, is certified as a traditional craft of the government.


Green Tea Dyed Organic Cotton Face Mask l 緑茶で染めたオーガニックコットンのフェイスマスク

with filter pocket, made in JAPAN


Application for Your Cultural Activities

Nara Tea Co. offers discounts to individuals or groups engaged in Japanese cultural activities such as the tea ceremony.

Nara Tea Co.では、茶道を含めて日本文化の活動を行っている個人または団体をサポートしており、ディスカウントをご提供しています。お申し込みは、こちらから