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Kutani Ware

九谷焼 抹茶碗 青銀彩 Ginsai Blue Kutani Matcha Bowl

九谷焼 抹茶碗 青銀彩 Ginsai Blue Kutani Matcha Bowl

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The matcha bowl is adorned by an elegant silver leaf gives it a luxurious quality.

The unique design provides a warmth that is perfectly balanced with the silver leaf accents applied with the traditional Kutani ware technique.

The luxuriousness and elegance of this tea set will add to the mood of the tea party.

This design compliments any space and lends an air of style and sophistication merely by placing it on a table. It is an exquisite piece suitable for daily use or when entertaining guests.

Product Detail

  • Dimension: D12.3cm(4.84in) H7.8cm(3.07in)
  • Material: Pottery - Kutani ware
  • Origin: Made in Japan
  • Note: Special wooden box included

九谷焼 抹茶碗  青銀彩

寸法:径:12.3cm × 高さ:7.8cm

日本定価 8,250円





Ginsai Style

Ginsai is a technique of applying transparent or five-color glaze on top of silver foil and baking it. The characteristic of this technique is that silver foil does not come off and does not rust. Like the Ginsai technique, the tone of the painting is soft and restrained, and an elegant atmosphere can be seen in this technique.

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