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Flower Incense お花の印香 お香

Flower Incense お花の印香 お香

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Set of 12-month flower incenses and incense holder.
each flower burns for approximately 7 minutes.

Natural Japanese incense - Made on Awaji Island in Japan
Awaji island has been producing incense with a history of more than 170 years since 1850.

Natural ingredients:
Sandalwood, Natural Oil, Charcoal Powder

January: Pine
February: Plum Blossom
March: Sakura(Cherry Blossom)
April: Hollyhock
May: Iris
June: Hydrangea
July: Morning Glory
August: Japanese bellflower
September: Chrysanthemum
October: Maple Leaf
November: Ginkgo
December: Narcissus

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